5 simple tips to get your story on the front page of Digg.

Getting on the frontpage of Digg:

1. Make sure there isn’t any quality content involved at all. If there is any quality involved, people will not digg. Its a mystery, but I guess diggers are an odd bunch. Also, make sure you don’t submit your own stories, for some reason people get really mad when you want traffic for your website.

2. Add friends, but be careful. If you shout too many times, your story will get buried thus eliminating your chances at front page Digg glory! I had to have 11 stories fail before 1 of mine was put on the front page, then it was subsequently buried for not having quality content. (go figure)

3. Digg other people’s stories. Do it no matter how boring it is. They’ll reciprocate. Make sure you take care of your digg buddies and they’ll take care of you. Obviously if the story is just bad, you won’t digg it, but you get the idea. This is a social networking site…network.

4. Be nice even when others are mean. When the official Digg “leet crew” see something that isn’t from one of their friends, or find a chance to flex their e-influence, they will. Just apply the theory that “you’ll always catch more flies with honey….” Just because some 24 year old fat loser in his mom’s basement thinks its cool to knock stuff off of the front page, you may not so much appreciate it. But still be nice to him, as one day, when you overcome all the odds, he will surely be asking you to shout and digg his articles.

5. Be strong. Be able to withstand the onslaught of hate. When you get your first story on the front page of digg, and it gets kicked off nearly immediately you will be back to square one. But at least you got that rush….. Never give up, I know I won’t.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to get be a pro Digger like me. Defy the odds, submit, and make history!


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22 Responses to “5 simple tips to get your story on the front page of Digg.”

  1. Mac Tyler Says:

    So very true man! Blogging nowadays is such a misconception of grandeur. Blog for fun, and if you are doing it for any other reason you probably won’t make it. I have a blog (http://www.mactyler.com) that I am starting to work on, and I can definitely relate to this post! Oh and nice ads, widget bucks is cool, I clicked yours! Good luck man. I hope you can make it.

  2. Nb2bM Says:

    Yes, it’s true. Add more friends and help each other :)
    One question: you says ” I had to have 11 stories fail before 1 of mine was put on the front page, then it was subsequently buried for not having quality content.”. How do you know what is the reason of being buried?

  3. Paul Says:

    You could add:

    6. Make the post a list – no matter how much it didn’t need to be in that format. People seem to be list crazy.

    No offense, but after having only one submission hit the Digg front page you’re a “Pro”? Maybe that was sarcasm, I couldn’t tell 😐

    I’m trying to get my first popular submission, still, so really – what do I know?


  4. vibe/antivibe Says:

    reason no. 1 is almost enough to make me give up on this shit

  5. Jason P Says:

    Nb2bm I don’t know thats why it was buried, thats why I assumed :)

    Paul I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m a realist. Sarcasm was pretty thick on the post :)

    And if you’re really trying to get your first popular post, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m 1 for 12 and It was just blind luck.

    Thanks everyone for reading! If you ever need anything dugg let me know, or if you want a link on my site, I will gladly exchange!

  6. Ethan Christ Says:

    So what is it really? Why do people enjoy clicking “bury” on everything?
    I really hate Digg, and it’s because of the “Bury” feature. It would work nice if people would use it as it’s intended, and not just bury every story that has ads on the page, or that is submitted by the webmaster of the site the story is located on.

  7. a guy on digg Says:

    well, you made the front page…

  8. anon234901719234710 Says:

    Haha; yes – simple, but easy? not so much 😉

  9. Mitalis Says:

    Be sure to also include keywords: Linux, Ron Paul, iphone

  10. girlsingardens Says:

    Blog for fun? Screw that, the only reason to blog is to get filthy rich! I did, once my blog (gardenmuse.net) was given the #1 award for Top blog in 2007, the adsense profits poured in like a hurricane! I already bought 2 Ferrari’s!

  11. Antiventurecapital Says:

    You mean I’m not the only one whose submissions are completely ignored by Diggers?! Oh what I relief. I was beginning to feel as paranoid as I did back in high school about not being in the “in” cliques.

    Seriously, Digg baffles me. There have been at least a dozen times when I was the first to submit some important breaking news along the lines of “Bubonic Plague Outbreak Kills Everyone in Lichtenstein” and not a second digg was ever to be seen. Yet members of the in crowd can post the most trivial and lame stories (e.g., The Fattest Dog in Rapid City Tips the Scales at 124 lbs!) and within minutes 15,000 others have dugg the submission.

    Friends joke that Digg is for the Aspergers crowd, and I’m beginning to suspect that there’s some truth in this.

  12. Chris Says:

    Very nicely said. I am brandy new here and just wanted to get the scoop from someone in the know. I can’t wait to become fluent in this site. I just posted my first blog about something that I enjoy a lot…Hawaii. I clicked on your ad so I hope you get paid, If you have a sec check my site out and click on an ad or two in return. Always nice to help out with a click or two for a friend when needed. Have a great day and thanks for the informative post.

  13. Jason P Says:

    Hey what I’ve learned is this. People will complain when your blog template is default. People will complain if you have ads on your site. People will complain because you’re on the front page. People will complain that you need to buy better hosting (then not click your ads to help you pay for it) People just hate for the sake of hating. I’m on the front page of digg with this story for maybe, 15 seconds before the elitists chronic masturbators bury it. Who cares. At least I’m getting some traffic!

  14. Jason P Says:

    And furthermore, THANKS to everyone for reading!

  15. Jason P Says:

    Also, I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. I’ve made $31.40 in advertising since this hit the front page. YAY!

  16. Antiventurecapital Says:

    Good for you, man. Now you’ll have a great story to tell your grand kids!

  17. Jason P Says:

    Grandkids? No way. I plan on suicide if I’m not making $100 a day from this site by the end of the year.

  18. Antiventurecapital Says:

    Here’s the secret to making big bucks with Adwords: http://smartstartup.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/08/adsense-i-will-.html

  19. Mark Dykeman Says:

    Hah! #1 is hilarious! Possibly true!

  20. Lucien Beauley Says:

    Very good article. It show a lot of practice
    Thank you,

  21. Zaibatsu Says:

    Hey I told you not to publish our interview. I’m gonna Tase you bro

  22. Social News Says:

    You bring up a lot of hunours and good points about Digg. I’m obviously not a fan of Digg for numerous reasons, possibly the biggest reason is their “elite clique” and the fact they don’t want blog authors to seed their own articles (no matter how well writting and informative). That’s why a few friends and myself started “Recommend Us” (http://www.recd.us), which is a site like Digg but for bloggers to seed their own stories. We’d actually be more happy if people wouldn’t submit articles from Fox or CNBC because the mainstream news is already behind the blogosphere in breaking stories.

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