How to earn with adsense on your blog

Yeah, so many of you have emailed in asking questions like how do you make money with adsense and a blog? Well, let me tell you. This website gets about 200-250 unique visitors a day. And from this I make about $4 a day from adsense. Its not a ton of money, but I have many websites.

I think the most important thing I could tell you about making money with adsense only is that it is going to take time. It took me about 8 months to get to this earning level. And you just have to write and write and write and keep at it. Eventually you will get the search engine love you SO deserve. Getting ranked in search engines like google, yahoo, and MSN are key to the success of your website.

The majority of your adsense revenue will come from organic search engine traffic, simply because direct traffic and social media traffic is useless for ads because its not necessarily always targeted.

I hope thats a little insight into the adsense program for beginners. I will help you if you need anything else regarding adsense for beginners. Just ask!

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