What a day! Highest earnings ever!

I’ve been monetizing this website for approximately 1 month and 12 days. And today I had my best day ever. I’ve made $162 today! No out of pocket expense.

You see, most of my traffic comes from this article. It was just something I compiled a while ago from my life as a car salesman. I know a way to get just about any story promoted to the front page of digg, and I did it for that article and BAM! 300-500 uniques a day.

I offer a service (that I use very sparingly) where I put peoples stories on the front page of Digg. The cost for this service is currently $100. It sounds steep but trust me, you CANNOT buy this kind of traffic. Its tons of it too.

I got 45000 uniques in one day from being on the front page, and I gained 700 backlinks. And a steady flow of traffic has been incoming ever since. This is such an accomplishment for me I cannot believe that its real!

I am here to help and if you have ANY questions or if I can help you earn like me in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am a resource for you and I would like to help you change your life too!

Love and Regards,

Jason P

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  2. SeoTrader Says:

    great idea, I will try

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