Adsense, Sidekicks, Myspace, Iphones, Ron Paul, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??

Keywords. Why should I be so concerned with keywords? They are ruling my life right now. Whats popular. Whats not. Who’s reading what. I just want to generate revenue from adsense. With adsense you can expect to earn very little money in the beginning, its a pretty basic theory.

If no one is seeing your web page, no one is seeing your ads. Therefore no one is clicking your ads. I can’t believe I have to explain this. Well, I’ve caved in is basically what this blog right here is about. I am converting to a niche blog. Yep. A niche blog. I’m going to do a complete overhaul, and Search Engine Optimization.

I know a few people read this and if you’re not interested in slandering a cell phone company well… this may be where we part ways. But You have to understand, I gotta make a living. I have a kid on the way. And I want to enjoy my time with my kid.

I’m gonna go buy an iphone, sign up for myspace, throw away my sidekick, vote for ron paul, and buy SEO for dummies. Later.

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