Does really work? We’ll see.

I’ve just signed up and although I’m hoping for the best so far it seems like it may be a bust. I feel that something like this will gain MUCH popularity, however it won’t net much good traffic for me. You see, I need traffic that will pay attention to my ads. Because thats what this is all about right? Revenue.

I’ve got to say, my first week with adsense was a great one. I could expect to gain about $x.xx a day with it. Which is awesome, but the number has dropped drastically. I need to focus more on what I’m writing about. I need to pick just ONE topic and stick with it. Of course I have ADD and thats not possible (as if you couldn’t tell by this post already).

So I say this, Blogsoldiers…..if you’re reading this, I will know its working if I get comments, or links. Otherwise I’m just making someone else rich…. and that is not my intention.

Either way sign up here for CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

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