Home based and easy, low cost business ideas, REAL ONES

You’ve always wanted to work at home. Who hasn’t? I know I have. I dream of it every day in fact. This website is a stepping stone to that hopefully. I don’t have a ton of formal business training, but I know plenty of good ways to make a quick buck, I grew up pretty poor, and you must be pretty creative to put dinner on the table sometimes.

Now first, lets define home based. Maybe mine and your definition differ, actually I’m sure they do. You see, when most people think of a home based business they envision this scenario: Wake up, do SOMETHING, collect checks, enjoy life.

They usually never pay attention to what the SOMETHING is. Now when I say home business I mean this. A business that you can operate from home. You may actually need to go out to do the work, but you don’t need to rent an office or buy any obscene amounts of equipment.

Check Craigslist for the big yard sales coming up in your area.
Show up EARLY and ask if its ok to sell hot dogs and hamburgers at their yard sale. 9/10 they will usually agree, because it will draw more people to their yard sale. Then you go get your grill, and corresponding supplies, such as drinks, condiments, paper plates and utensils etc. show up and cook and SELL SELL SELL!
Box of 8 hamburger patties = $4
Price of a burger = $2
Profit = $12
WOW, that insane. Trust me, you will sell plenty of burgers. And the profit margin on hot dogs is even better.

IDEA #2 (I’ve done this one my self)

Get yourself a lawn mower and a weed eater. Post an ad on CraigsList that says something along the lines of “$25 Lawn Service” as the title. In the body describe that you cut grass, and do edging, and weed eating. Then put a BIG FAT ASTERISK that says *most lawns $25 dollars based on 1/2 hour estimate call now for a free estimate!”

People will call you like CRAZY I could not keep up with the amount of business I generated this way. Now I know you probably think you need a truck for this but you don’t. I did this in a 1994 Honda Prelude. I stuck the mower and weed eater in the trunk and used a bungee cord to secure them.

This one requires a little hard work, but anything worth doing does. Next summer I will be doing this on the weekend. Its also great exercise


This one is pretty simple. Just contact anyone and everyone you know who is computer illiterate. People like this do still exist by the way. Tell them you will sell whats in their attic or garage on ebay for them and I promise you, you’ll have more crap to sell on ebay than you know what to do with. Offer them a piece of the profit and it only gets easier to get the goods. I know this isn’t original thinking, but it works. It works quite well.

I will be posting more ideas later, please comment with experiences, or ideas. I want you all to be involved! CHEERS!

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