How to make money online using Zango.

So anyone who knows me, knows I make a decent living now from the internet. The majority of my income does not come from affiliate marketing or google or anything of that nature. It comes from Zango. People ask me all the time how to make money using Zango.

Well I will explain my method, which is not by any means easy, but it definitely works.

When I first discovered Zango I wasn’t very sure that I would use it. I read up, checked the company history, and learned that they do pay out on their programs so I decided to give it a whirl.

I put the content on a few of my sites, and I think I made a grand total or maybe .30 cents or something. But from browsing the Digital Point forums I learned that there were actually people making $1000 a day easily.

Well truth be told, I absolutely suck at driving traffic to my websites. So how was I to make money from traffic that didn’t exist? I wasn’t. But I knew I could make money from referrals.

You see there are people all over the world, especially in Asia, who have high traffic websites that will earn money with Zango. And if I could just get them to sign up under my referral link, I would get 20% of everything they earned. WOW!

So I went on a recruiting mission. I got my first 20 webmaster from digital point. People on digital point are eager to learn ways to make money, and they will try anything. Keep in mind that about 1 of every 10 people you get to sign up will earn you any money from Zango. From digital point I was making probably $10 a day from my 20 webmasters.

Then I spread out and started actively recruiting webmasters. Through article marketing, word of mouth, emails, and many other methods I managed to get over 400 webmasters signed up underneath of me.

Now I make about $200 a day from Zango. I offer in depth mentoring now, but I make sure that your site has traffic first so I can teach you how to earn. Or if you would like referral business, I can teach you the in depth methods I used to get to my earnings level.

All in all making money with Zango can be a difficult endeavor, but much like anything worth doing, you must work at it to be successful.


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  1. paul Says:

    Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.

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