Low Cost Business Ideas.

Here is an interesting Article Yes the story is about me. I am honored to be a subject of one of Nev’s Blogs.

Having read that, think of all the stupid little things you could make money doing. I sit around and think all day about how I could create a stream of income so I could quit my AWESOME day job that OH SO Graciously pays me an excellent salary plus a generous commission. Not bad for being 26. But I dream bigger.

Recently I have been buying motorcycles from repair shops that people have left there because they can’t afford to pay the shop for the work thats already been done. The shops are more than happy to sell these motorcycles to me just to get the shop bill taken care of, and free the space up in their garage. Then I turn around and sell them for double, or sometimes even triple than what I paid for them. The saying “it takes money to make money” is one of the truest things I’ve learned recently.

When I was broke, I couldn’t even dream of spending $300 on a motorcycle to turn a profit. Now I do it every time I get paid. For anyone interested in making money like me CHECK THIS OUT! That guy is awesome and I read his blog frequently and its where I got the idea for the bottled water business. I don’t deal in water anymore, its too cold, but you can bet next summer I’ll make more than a little money having someone else do it for me.

So what are your business ideas? Please leave a comment, lets discuss!

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