Today, I got my first look inside corporate America.

So I get back to my office today at around 2:30 eastern. I’m working at my desk when a co-worker comes and asks me if I heard about all the “drama”. Curious, I asked what “drama” she was talking about. She informed me that 275 of my co-workers had just been laid off. Keep in mind I had been quietly working in my cubicle. I had heard some banging around, and banter like usual, but for some reason I rose from my cubie and looked into pure chaos.

There were tons of people cleaning out their desks. People hugging, telling each other goodbye. This was TOO much. I needed a tropicana orange juice!

I walk to the break room (a common area for our office of about 500 employees) and saw the HR station set up to hand out the “exit packages” to laid off employees. It was like being below deck on the titanic when it was sinking. People distraught, yelling, screaming, crying. “HOW WILL I FEED MY KIDS” It made me sick.

I have got to have an exit strategy. I need to quit trading my time for money. I read that on quite possibly the greatest blog on earth

I don’t necessarily hate my job. I love my co-workers. I love what I do. My boss is great. I just hate being a slave to a corporate entity. It seems as though we are about to be bought, or go public or something. Its just scary. Because people in a position like mine, although we earn good money, can have their income turned off at any given moment. Without even the slightest notice.

What would you do if you worked at a company from the beginning in 1998 until your lay off today? I would lose my mind. But I do have an exit strategy. It won’t come into place for quite some time, but I swear I will enjoy my life with my child (who’s on the way) and my wife.

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