A (Former) Car Salesman….

Alright before we take this journey there are a few things I need to clear up. I used to be a Car Salesman. I know the ins and outs of the business. I know all the terms. I know all the tricks. I know how bad a salesman can screw you.

I screwed plenty of people. I made a lot of money doing it. And to be honest I’ve always felt bad about it. I’ve decided to dedicate my time to helping people buy cars. To help people get a good deal. If only by bringing to light certain practices that dealerships employ to take every one of your hard earned dollars.

Now, Before you “Client Advisors” and “New Car Consultatns” flood me with hate mail, and the whole “you’re taking food out of my mouth” argument, let me tell you a few things.

1. I was successful. I’m not mad because I failed. I’m mad because I don’t like screwing hard working people, and also I don’t like working 70 hours a week for very little money.

2. I’m not taking food from your mouth. The dealership pays you minimum wage I’m sure. You can eat off that.

3. I’m PUTTING food into someone else’s mouth, who probably needs it way more than you.

4. If you’re in a Car Sales position, you are indeed in a position of uncertainty. You can never guess who will steal half of your sale, you can never guess how many ups you’ll get. And you certainly can’t guess how much money the double taxing U.S. Government will take from your commission.

I’m excited about this venture, because not only is it something I am passionate about. Its helpful. And I want to provide REAL VALUE to my readers. So, off to work I go! Please feel free to comment on my posts, as I’m always up for a heated or helpful discussion.

Screw the Salesman,

Jason P

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26 Responses to “A (Former) Car Salesman….”

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  3. eric hebert Says:

    Word up dude. I worked as a salesman for a few months when I was 19, and have been helping people not get f$%% by dealers since then. The whole biz is mad I tell you, mad! Let me know if ya need a guest blogger 😉

  4. Overthetop Says:

    When you were 19??? for a few months???? Sounds like your parents screwed you, at birth, big mouth Ha ha ha Ha. Word-dude or word stupid green pea

  5. Andrew Says:

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but at the dealership I work at (albeit not in sales), the salespeople get paid $150 a week. Before taxes. If they sell a car at cost/at a loss, they get paid a $75 flat fee. This is while working 60 hours a week, at minimum.

    If you sell a lot of cars? Sure, you’re well-compensated. If you don’t sell many cars or don’t have a lot of luck? You’re barely scraping by.

    Your experiences are not the same as the experiences of everyone else. You’d be wise to learn that.

  6. cruise Says:

    Screw the idiots. You sir are an idiot. Since you were so successful and made so much money selling cars(which I highly doubt or you would still be doing it), did you feel bad enough that you gave all those customers your commisions back? I say hell no, you took it to the bank or cashed your check.
    Trust me, you wont be taking food from the mouth of me or any other car salesmen for that matter. You are just on the web making yourself look like a complete dumbass. You and the rest of consumers will continue to pay profit when you/they buy vehicles and I will continue to eat well, drink good liquor, sleep on a great bed etc…all off your money. Have a great day.

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  23. Joe Wilder Says:

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