Home remedy for urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and prostate infections.

Yeah, I know home remedy/remedies for urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and prostate infections is a strange topic for me to blog about. But let me tell you, I searched the internet for solutions to these problems over the years when I suffered from them on my own to no avail.

First I had a UTI and Bladder infection simultaneously. Essentially I found the best home cure for those ailments were cranberry juice and dried cranberries. The problem was finding pure cranberry juice. I had to go to a specialty foods store to get pure cranberry juice. And FYI pure cranberry juice is YUCKY! But it does promote urinary tract and bladder health.

Also in 2007 I suffered from a prostate infection also known as Prostatits. Not being a huge fan of conventional medicine I was prescribed levaquin, which I did some studying up on. It is a very dangerous drug, and I did not feel comfortable taking it. I opted to ask my pharmacist for a natural cure. He (as I suspected) recommended Saw Palmetto for my prostate infection. I took this for a few days, whil drinking pure cranberry juice and I was cured in days.

The discomfort associated with a Prostate infection was basically just peeing every 20 minutes. I just thought I’d share this, as there wasn’t really a huge wealth of information on the subject when I searched it before :)

Jason P

*DISCLAIMER* This post or anything contained on this website is not intended to be sound medical advice/ or medical advice at all. All statements are merely statements made by the author who has no medical or pharmaceutical training.

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