How to ruin a game show…..

When I was a kid, I can specifically remember days when I would plan on pretending to be sick, JUST so I could watch the price is right.

Ohh that wheel……
Ohh Plinko!
Ohh Barker’s Beauties
Ohh Showcase Showdown!
Ohh the memories……

I could have watched a thousand episodes in a row. And every day, I could count on Bob Barker coming out, with that ridiculously skinny microphone. With that warm voice. He was quick witted. He was well dressed. He was a legend.

Some of my most fond memories of television time were spent watching people spin the wheel, Or win Plinko chips. Bob Barker in a way was a hero to me.

Now I understand that people get old, and feel the need to retire. He really did push it doing the show as long as he did, and now I think he should REALLY get to enjoy his life. And when I heard he was retiring I thought to myself “Aww it sure is terrible that the Price is Right is over”.

Boy I wish thats what had happened. You see, I was getting my oil changed the other day in my 1994 Honda Prelude, when I was forced to sit in a lobby and watch the new version of the Price is Right featuring Drew Carey. I actually like Drew Carey, I think he’s funny. I would hang out with him, drink a beer with him. I would race racecars with him, whatever it is he likes to do. But I WILL not be tuning in to see him host The Price is Right.

Its just unnatural. Nothing against Mr. Carey but Bob Barker WAS that show. It was his voice. It was his clothes. It was his humour. It was his age and experience. It was that haircut. He was a legend I say!

I know its a bizarre thing to post about on a blog but in all honesty (and I’ve said this before) its my blog and I’ll write what I feel like I need to communicate to the 12 people that read this. This is a look into my mind, and my life, and these are the things I think about.

I know I sound gay for Bob Barker but come on, everyone loved the guy. PLEASE COME BACK BOB! PLEASE!!!!

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