Ok, so let me explain the name “VeriZongo”

Veri is a village in Azerbaijan that I visited many years ago. Zongo is a place in Africa that I have also visited many times. This website has NOTHING to do with any phone company. VeriZongo is the name of this website, two seperate words. Sorry for the confusion.

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4 Responses to “Ok, so let me explain the name “VeriZongo””

  1. Apple Pie Recipes Says:

    Have you received any notifications from Verizon? Just seems like they might try to pull some kind of trademark infringement stunt. Nice site. =)


  2. Jason P Says:

    They have yet to contact me. I guess I could see why they would claim, but I make no mention of their products, or services, or their logo. I think I’ll be fine :) thanks for reading!

  3. MMA Fighter Says:

    How much does it cost to get an appraisal done? PS: Good luck with your site, I’m trying to make money the same way.

  4. Jason P Says:

    You can google free domain appraisal. Thats how I did it.

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