The miracle of Myspace (Cheating on myspace)

Plenty of us are into music. If you’re anything like me, you like to listen to band’s songs on myspace. Its fun and its free. But something I’ve noticed recently is bands from podunk, wyoming with AWFUL songs are getting 15,000 plays a day.

I never understood how it was done. That many people couldn’t possibly be listening to this awful garage band. Well a few days ago, I got a message in my band’s myspace box, with the offer to generate 1500 plays a day for a mere $25 a week. I laughed because I didn’t think it was real.

But when I scoffed at the sender, they said, “ok we’ll do a freebie” and then BAM 1500 plays in 5 minutes. I was stunned. As it turns out, this is BIG business on myspace. It is essentially ruining myspace for the hardworking bands who actually earn their plays, and you can almost always tell the real plays from the fake plays.

I remember my band used to get 1000+ plays a day the honest way. It was a sense of accomplishment. But these cheaters cheating fake plays, have ruined it for everyone.

Although I always admire a creative way to make a dollar I’m not sure I agree with this one……DISCUSS

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