We don’t need Toyota’s Jazz Robots, we need alternative fuel vehicles.

Anyone else think we needed Toyota Jazz Playing Robots? I’m pretty sure I would rather have a car that runs completely on hydrogen. So while their engineers should have been testing alternative fuel methods what were they doing? They were in fact making Jazz Playing Robots.The Toyota Jazz robots will be on tour during the following dates.

Their tour vehicle will be a Hummer, towing 4 hummers behind it.


7-1-08 = Shell Gas Station

7-2-08 = Exxon

7-3-08 = Amoco

7-4-08 = BP

This short north american run will result in a huge waste of time, much like developing Jazz robots.


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5 Responses to “We don’t need Toyota’s Jazz Robots, we need alternative fuel vehicles.”

  1. Irv Miller Says:


    We can get you a fuel cell vehicle. My quetion is what will you refuel it with once you run out of the first “tank” of hydrogen? Without an infrustructure for creating, processing and distributing fuel the vehicle is useless. I’d direct your questions to your local politician for a response. The car manufacturers will have the cars ready WAY before you can find a filling station providing hydrogen!

  2. Jason P Says:

    Yeah I know, thats the sad thing about it. These oil companies are screwing everything up with their ridiculous greed.

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