What Digg can do for YOU!

Image removed. 45k visitors and I didn’t make that much money.

Here you have it, the results from my Digg Frontpage extravaganza! I knew the quality of traffic was low, but this is ridiculous. At least I got TONS of links out of the deal!

Love and Hugs

Jason P

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12 Responses to “What Digg can do for YOU!”

  1. John Says:

    That is why you need an ad program that pays by 1000 impressions and clicks. I hit the front page and had 70,000 ad impressions during the course of 24 hours which resulted in nice money!

  2. Mark Says:

    You my friend are a moron. Get a decent site and learn how to monetize it. My god damn 4 year old could build something better than the scrap I see here. Digg is not the problem, you are.

  3. Bill Says:

    it depends on the link. I’ve gotten 100,000 hits in an hour from digg before.

  4. damnedviper Says:

    I had this digg effect and it made me like about 100 bucks.

  5. damnedviper Says:

    I had this digg effect and it made me like about 100 bucks.

  6. chris Says:

    Maybe if you had your ads higher up youd get better results.

  7. Zacharias Says:

    Lightbox maybe?

    boss of no compelling content.

  8. rob Says:

    dude, your layout is screwed, probably why you didn’t get much

  9. slash Says:

    Well Mark said it in some harsh words but I think I’ll agree that content is still key…..

  10. PAStheLoD Says:

    Hm, making a living by blogging. That seems like a bit counter-intuitive, because bloggers promote free flow of information, AdBlock usage and such.. and that’s a little against advertisement/corporate-consumerism , IMHO.

    And diggers are IT related people, not dumb TV-addict consumerist asses or at least it looks like..

  11. Brian Says:

    You need some real content if you want to monetize your blog. Why should people return here? Why should anyone donate? Why don’t you fix your layout and figure out what your site is about before slapping corporate shill links all over the place?

    This site is like a decrepit homeless shelter begging for handouts.

  12. damnedviper Says:

    Well i have compiled some really nice tutorials about increasing you CTR, promoting you blog and stuff like that. I would recommend you to atleast read it. Hopefully it would help you with your earning. Btw i get a CTR of about 2%, sometimes more.

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