Wow, the response has been overwhelming!

Well, my article has made the front page of digg! The response has been tremendous. Thanks for reading everyone. Also thank you for the comments (good and bad)!

The best part about a blog is you get to speak your mind however you feel! And sometimes people read it. In this case, about 25000 people have read it.

Expect a new article tonight, and again, thank you all for being so sincere and honest and passionate about this subject, no matter what side of the fence you stand on!

Love and Regards,

Jason P

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3 Responses to “Wow, the response has been overwhelming!”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great article on teaching how to buy a car! Unfortunately, we’re not in the 1970’s anymore.

    I am a Nissan salesperson who not only sells Nissan, but who is also an owner. I will show you why!

    If you have any doubts that there are any honest auto salespeople out there, you’re now hearing from one of them.

    I WILL PROVE to ANYBODY including YOU, why NISSAN is the best vehicle on the market for your hard earned dollar!

    The bullshit your feeding people on here, may apply to many salespeople, but PLEASE understand that there are many honest salespeople out here that will do EVERYTHING for their customer FIRST that they possibly can. I’m one of them!!!

    My closing ratio is very high, not only because I treat my customers like I want to be treated, but because I prove to them why Nissan is a better product for their hard earned money.

    Please don’t feed your IGNORANCE to consumers. It’s a shame that there are bad apples in this industry. However, please don’t make all auto sales people sound like we’re out to hurt you!

    I simply prove to my prospective customers why Nissan is a better product. My honesty comes right out! They notice it, because it’s in my heart!!!

    I’m not only a Nissan salesperson. I’m 38 years old and i’m also a Nissan owner for many reasons that the competition does not provide!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Charlie Says:

    Wow, Its hard to believe that Jason can be that sour towards the auto industry. We do every thing we can to make sure our guest are happy and get a great deal. The average person has no idea what we go threw every day. I would like to see you go into any retail store , doctors office, grocery store ect and expect to get the service most car dealerships offer. When you go to your doctors you spend at least 45 min and get to see the doctor for only 3 of them. He is making more then the guy selling you milk. Try to get your senator on the phone(like that will every happen) and your taxes pay him. Do you want some good advice. Walk into the dealership, tell the salesman the truth and let him get the best deal he can for you. I promise if you give him more then 10 minutes and let him know that this isn’t really the first place you stopped at, he will do everything he can to make you happy. Hey and if he doesn’t go to the dealer 3 miles away

  3. Sac Lancel Says:

    e suis blazée car nous avons pas de grands moyens et mon mari m’a vu tellement heureuse de voir le sac qui me fait rêver depuis 3 ans à un prix “plus abordable” qu’il me l’a acheté pour noël. Mais là j’ai plus envie de pleurer qu’autre chose. J’attends la livraison (si la douane ne le détruit pas car à prioris c’est de la contrefaçon) et je vais voir avec ma banque si on peut faire une opposition ou quelque chose

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