Digg, I hope it crashes and burns.

Seeing posts like This One make me incredibly happy to know that intelligent people agree with me. I’ve had a terrible time with Digg, but the last straw came about 2 weeks ago. Let me elaborate.

I’m not the best at making money on the internet, but my one dependable source of income was nixed a couple weeks back by Digg. I used to have a service where I would get people’s lame stories on the front page of Digg for a price. I could assure myself that this money was going to come in every day, as someone always wants to take advantage of this service.

Well I was banned from Digg. I know I was violating the TOS but who cares. Digg sucked anyway. Frontpaging myself the few times I did was virtually worthless.

Shoemoney was absolutely right in his post. Digg caved to the “chronic masturbator” (typical digg user) requests to add images and video. Digg also listens to those whiney asses when they think someone should be banned for spam. HAHAHAHA banned for spam. So this is a big screw you to all those people who bury posts and act elite on Digg.

Love and Regards,

Jason P

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  1. Sac Lancel Says:

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