How do I find a niche for my blog? 5 blogger realities for new bloggers.

1. Finding a niche for your blog is the least of your worries. I tried and tried and it seemed like no matter what I thought of, there was already a trillion blogs about it. Midgets hula hooping on tractors, guys who shave polar bears, kazoo playing panda bears, it has been done! The cold hard reality is, there is little or nothing original left to write about.

2. Monetizing your blog! (is a myth). Unless you have 5000-10000 visitors a day, don’t plan on making any significant money from advertising. I’ve learned this the hard way, nothing happens over night. You will have to work and work and work to build your traffic, and then once you do, you better hope they click your ads.

3. No one cares about your personal life. Yeah your cousin may come read your blog every now and then to tell aunt Faye how you’re doing. Put a personal touch on it, but don’t do like I did and tell everyone what kind of cereal you happen to be eating each morning.

4. Did I mention SEO? If you don’t know about it, you are in a world of trouble. I don’t know a thing about it, so no one will probably ever read this. If anyone wants to help me with this I say one thing to you. HELP!

5. If you are writing a blog for any other reason than to help people or have fun, in other words if you are blogging for cash, hit your computer with a hammer right now. Then go outside and take up jogging. Stop at 7-11 and get a big gulp, then drink it, take the lid off and stop on the corner. Proceed to beg for change. You’ll make more money that way. That could be your Niche for your blog.

So in summation if you find yourself asking “how do I find a niche for my blog?” you’re thinking in the wrong direction. Just write to write. Its something I need to learn how to do. Screw a niche. I’m making a niche out of not having a niche. That is how you find a niche for your blog.

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4 Responses to “How do I find a niche for my blog? 5 blogger realities for new bloggers.”

  1. Ken Says:

    Seems like you need to take the Thirty Day Challenge

  2. recursed Says:

    may i suggest just completely taking out the ads? at least until you do some more writing?

  3. Suicnaini Says:

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  4. prumemiosse Says:

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