Lets Make Money Blogging!

Hello fellow bloggers! Lets make money blogging! I’ve been working at monetizing my blog for about a month now, and to be honest I was making very little money to begin with. Things like this take time. As with any business venture you need to make investments sometimes, and I did.

I personally prefer books, because finding useful information on the internet can be very difficult sometimes. But hey, thats just the way I work, maybe it won’t work for you.

Either way, I picked a few books up and really jumped into them and learned a few simple tips and methods and my revenue is up. Not huge, but can you imagine only making $10 a day from ads on your blog? I couldn’t but now I do. Thats $300 a month. Thats a car payment. Thats real money. Don’t be so doubtful.

If you’re interested here are a few books that helped me; CLICK HERE

I know some of my past posts have been a little negative, but I’m easily frustrated most times. Lets work together, share tips, and encourage each other. Lets Make Money Blogging and forget about our stupid day jobs.

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