Product Review: Sidekick ID

I’m a long time T-Mobile customer. But only for one reason. The sidekick series of phone. I loved my Sidekick II, no matter how often they broke. Now I have a Sidekick ID.

I opted for the Sidekick ID because I didn’t care for the design of the 3. It reminded me so much of the Sidekick II that I fell in love with it on sight. So here are a few little things that I’ve gathered from owning a Sidekick ID for the last two months.

Text Messaging Ease
Instant Messaging
Web Browsing (Faster than previous Sidekicks)
MyAuctioneer (if you use ebay this is a must have)
Myspace (Yeah myspace directly on your phone!!!!)
Very good looking phone
Interchangeable bumpers
Trackball is way better than that stupid bar thing from before
Email (priceless)

Its plastic
The program is very slow
Setting ringers is nearly impossible if you aren’t familiar with Sidekicks
The speaker on the phone itself isn’t loud enough
The speakerphone is absolutely useless
Battery life is pretty bad (I almost run out of battery every day)
The screen is a little small

Overall it gets a 7/10
I refuse to buy the LX because you can’t watch YOUTUBE videos on it. When is a phone company besides APPLE going to learn that I need to be able to watch funny cat videos on YOUTUBE whenever I want on my phone? SHEESH

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